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Benefits of pig production

High production rate: One of the reasons why pig production is very profitable is that pigs multiply really fast. One sow can farrow 8-18 piglets at a time. The gestation (pregnancy) period for pigs is just four months and sows can farrow up to two times a year. This means that one sow can produce up to 16–36 piglets in a single year.

Food conversion ratio: Pigs grow to market size very fast because of their amazingly high feed-to-meat conversion ratios. This simply means that for every kilogram of food they eat, pigs produce more flesh (meat) than cattle, goats and sheep. They have this advantage over any other class of meat-producing animals except for broilers chickens.

Pigs can utilize a wide variety of foodstuffs: Pigs are estimated to have over 15,000 taste buds. This enables them to eat everything humans eat and other stuff like grass, forage and feed eaten by other animals. Pigs eat almost anything. They feed on forage crops, spent grain from breweries, byproducts of grains from mills, and garbage. Pigs also have processed meals you can purchase in the market too. In fact, pigs are the best and most efficient animals for converting kitchen wastes, garbage, leftover food and other non-conventional feedstuffs into meat. Considering the cost of livestock feed concentrates used in animal production, the ability of pigs to consume a wide variety of foods increases their profitability as a business.

Pigs adaptability: Pigs also have a high resistance to diseases (these guys hardly get sick) and adapt easily to most environments (hot or cold). This makes it possible for pigs to be raised on both a small and large scale. Due to this adaptability, pigs make great candidates for intensified or diversified agriculture that fits a wide range of budgets.

Other advantages include:
1. Earning is made both from pork and the sale of piglets.
2. After 8-9 months of weaning, piglets attain maturity and the capability of giving birth.
3. Under proper care and management the pig weighs 80-90 kgs at 6-8 months of age.
4. Piggery can be done in waste or uncultivable land.
10. Dressing percentage is more in pigs than other animals (65-80%) in comparison to cattle (50-60%) and sheep and goat (45-50%).
11. Pigs also produce high-quality manure.

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