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Awareness against drug abuse

Drug abuse meaning: – consumptions of drugs like Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, Valium, and preconcert etc.
Alcohol is the most abused drug in the world perhaps because its consumption is allowed by many n Countries. The UN Office on drugs and crime (UNODC) claims that around 200 million people in the world are drug addicts.
What are drugs? They are chemical substances that affect the normal function of the body and or brain. Not all drugs are illegal for example Caffeine (Found in Coffee Coca-Cola) MCO that (in Cigarettes) and alcohol are all technically legal drugs. Medicine whether prescribed by a doctor or available over the counter at pharmacies are legal drugs to help us recover from illnesses, although they can also be abused.
Illegal drugs are drugs that are so harmful that countered across the world have decided to control them. All the drugs discussed in this brochure are illegal. This means that generally, it is against the law to own, use or sell this drugs worldwide.
All illegal drugs have immediate physical effects which you can read about in this brochure. But drugs can also severally hinder Psychological and emotional development particularly among young people in fact, drugs can take away potential that user can never get back as drug substitute the development of other natural coping mechanisms. Although each drug is discussed separately in this brochure, drugs are often used together. This mixing can have unpredictable severe effects on the body and or/mind of the user.
WE LISTEN – “listening to children and youths is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe”
LETS DEVELOP – “Our lives – Our community – Our identity – without drugs”
A MESSAGE OF THE HOPE – “Drug use disorders are preventable and treatable.”

Make health your ‘New High’ in life, not drugs

“Think Health not Drugs”

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